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What is Coaching?

Coaching helps the clients realise and activate the resources they already possess but are often prevented from recognising.
The coach through listening, questioning, and evaluation of responses, challenges the perceptions of the client, facilitates growth and supports change. The changes may release a blockage to action, may open previously unopened avenues for discussion, may act as a sounding board for ideas, but at the base is always a change agent in a career.
The coach offers 1:1, the coach is prepared to deal with the uncomfortable issues in a discreet environment: the coach is the client’s equal who offers their concentration and respect to all that is going on for the client, and helps them address the issues that need to be addressed.


How is change achieved?
The coaching relationship explores the issues driving the client.
The client sets the agenda.
It is the client’s solutions that are recognised.
It is the client’s outcomes that are settled upon.
The coach aids in clarifying and supporting the solutions arrived at by the client.
The coach, listens and probes the client’s ideas and preconceptions. This process helps the client’s ideas and actions to develop and change.
The coach offers the Executive a safe environment to express and challenge themselves to grow.
Hypnosis helps a person create the behaviours that lead to the goals they set for themselves.
Much of the time, your conscious mind is actually the bottleneck towards effecting true change, as its main role is getting you through the day in the here and now.
Making changes that can lead to your success requires changes to your beliefs about yourself, the world, and others. It also requires making real changes in your habits, preferences and behaviours. It is more efficient to make these changes with as little interference from your conscious mind as possible. This way you can access the incredible processing power of your unconscious mind without conscious interference.

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