Hypnosis for IBS

What is IBS?

Irritable Bowel syndrome (IBS) is a chronic functional gastrointestinal disorder that affects the nervous system of the gut. Since it is a functional disorder , it is defined not by specific medical tests, but by its symptoms. IBS symptoms include abdominal pain, altered bowel movements, bloating, and constipation or diarrhoea. Symptoms need to manifest for at least 12 weeks (either intermittently or continuously) in a one year period to be diagnosed as IBS. Depending upon the predominant symptom, there are three types of IBS – diarrhoea-predominant, constipation – predominant IBS, and alternating IBS.

How serious are the effects of IBS on the patient?

IBS might not be a life – threatening disorder in itself but it does affect the patient’s quality of life. Patients with IBS have various severities. Approximately 70% of patients will have mild symptoms. Approximately 25% of patients have more moderate symptoms, that is, they have symptoms that may interfere with their functioning. Approximately 5% of IBS patients have very severe, disabling symptoms.

What causes IBS?

The causes of IBS are unknown. Over the past few years several studies show that there may be a genetic predisposition to developing IBS. However, most researchers believe that a genetic predisposition alone is not enough to cause the disorder. They believe that there must be a second insult or second injury to trigger IBS to bring it to the forefront. Other research has shown an association between prior gastrointestinal infections and IBS. Because the brain communicates with the intestines, there is widespread acceptance that psychological factors, such as emotions and stress can contribute to flare-ups of bowel disorders.

Using Hypnosis for IBS

Since IBS symptoms are cyclic in nature, it is necessary to use multiple hypnotherapy sessions spaced over a period of three to four months. Six to ten sessions spaced two weeks apart has proven to be an effective treatment period.
As part of the programme, CD’s are provided for you to listen to at home. The client must have time to practice the suggestions contained in both the hypnotic trance and those given to the conscious mind outside a hypnotic trance. This is a process and therefore, requires multiple sessions to achieve long lasting results. Both conventional medicine and adjunctive therapy are an art form rather than the science they are thought to be.
Hypnosis for IBS is used to change your unconscious mind’s attitude towards your symptoms.

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