Anxiety Attacks & Stress Management

How to finally conquer, stress, anxiety, depression and obsessions.

 Stress Management

  • Balance is the golden key.
  • Stop your stress switch. Stop the release of stress hormones into your blood stream.
  • Reduce your stress levels. Rid yourself of stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Enhance your life. Have a better night’s sleep. Challenge emotional eating. 

Reduce the impact of negative feeling in your everyday life, thereby reducing stress and stress related illness like anxiety and depression. It is important to know that, no matter what the causes of your stress are, it is scientifically proven beyond doubt that stress is a reaction in your emotional brain (amygdala) that causes a release of stress hormones into your blood stream.  It is the high concentration of these stress hormones that cause anxiety, depression and the many stress related illnesses like high blood pressure etc. It's all to do with “ fight and flight” and that part of your brain called the “ amygdala”.

To stop the stress reaction you will need to re-educate your brain to take the fear out of these situations and to react with normal cognitive functions in these situations as opposed to emotional fear based

reactions.  It’s what you do on a daily basis that counts.  No matter what has happened to you in the past, you live in the present and it is the present that you need to sort out. You cannot go back and change the past, but you can change the influence that the past has had upon you.  The important thing to remember is that you are not stuck in the past but you may be stuck with the past.

Going over events of the past will only serve to strengthen the memory.  As well as that, every time you go over a past memory you feel a certain amount of the original feeling as if it is happening to you today.  If it is a pleasant memory there is no problem, but, if it is an unpleasant memory then it brings back the unpleasant feelings. Unfortunately, it is the unpleasant feelings that have more of an impact on your body than the pleasant ones.

But, you don’t spend every day going over old memories... or do you?

Everyone knows that relaxation is good for anxiety and stress management. And this is why hypnosis is so effective in helping with anxiety and stress related issues. Clients access the subconscious to change the way they think about stress, helping them remove any associated negative feelings and re-energize their bodies and minds.


Hypnosis is a relaxed state of focused attention.  By temporarily bypassing the conscious mind, it gives you the power to make changes at a deeper level, than when you attempt to make these changes at the conscious level.  Hypnosis helps identify the cause of stress, a person's reaction to stress, applies techniques to reduce stress and helps change the persons approach in dealing with stress in the future and also helps with ego strengthening.




I was at rock bottom and had just attempted suicide, I was suffering from a general anxiety disorder and depression while also coping with Aspergers syndrome. Since my teenage yeas I tried everything to overcome these problems and nothing had worked for me. I was in my thirties and at an all time low that I wanted to end my life. One day I was passing Desi's office and I was overcome with a need to try hypnosis and and have never looked back since. I had a number of sessions of hypnosis and tapping with Desi. He went back to my childhood to find the root cause of my problems and dealt with them under hypnosis. To this day I do believe that without Desi's intervention I would no longer be part of this world.



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