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You can get Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss in Waterford, throughout Ireland and find out How to Lose Weight Fast without suffering all the anguish associated with the latest diets. 

So why does Hypnosis works when diets fail?



The first misconception is the belief that diets are an effective way to achieve permanent weight loss. 

When we diet, the body goes into survival mode, your metabolism slows down and the body stores more energy in the form of fat for future requirements because the diet is interpreted by the body as scarcity of food.  We store energy as fat when food is scarce.

No diet can help you control why you eat.

Emotional eating

Are you:

  • Trying repetitively but failing to keep weight off?
  • Feeling out of control when eating?
  • Eating when not hungry?
  • Binge eating of unhealthy foods?
  • Thinking about food often?
  • Sabotaging good feelings and weight loss attempts?
  • Turning to foods when you are stressed, upset, angry, bored, frustrated, afraid or anxious?
  • Turning to food to comfort you or to reward yourself?
  • Eating after you feel full?
  • Feel guilty after a food binge?
  • Are you eating to avoid dealing with what's really bothering you?

Our eating habits are developed over time and our relationship to food becomes hard wired in the subconscious mind.  Weight is not about what you eat, rather it's about what eats you.  The source of emotions is in the subconscious mind.  The problem is in the subconscious mind and the solutions are there, too.

Faulty mental programming

We cannot change the body without changing the mind.

Emotional eating is the practice of consuming food in response to feelings instead of hunger.

Emotional eating has it origins in the subconscious mind.  This is why will power doesn't work when it comes to emotional eating.  This is where weight loss hypnosis comes in handy because hypnosis takes us back to the conscious eating by reprogramming the subconscious mind and letting go of negative feelings and unproductive habits.

How would you like to gain the benefits of hypnosis and learn to;

  • pay attention to the signals of hunger  and stop eating when comfortably full
  • Respond to any negative feeling/thought that arises int the future without avoiding them or suppressing them inside
  • Find yourself thinking more positively & wanting to make the right choices & taking the right steps improve yourself
  • Lose weight & keep it off as a result of positive changes in your eating habits
  • Accept your body image as you begin to change as a direct result of the changes in your self-image  


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