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I smoked for 25 yrs. and used hypnosis to give them up. I am off them now for 4 months and I have notlooked back since. I would recommend hypnosis to anyone wanting to give them up.


Frank and Val
Our son of 18 years of age had severe stomach problems for many years, pains,cramps, discomfort.He lived on breakfast cereals for many years as he could not tolerate other foods. He missed school regularly and was often sent home in severe pain. After many visits to his GP and hospital appointments the conclusion was that he had "IBS". He found no relief from prescribed drugs from his doctor. A friend introduced him to Desi Flynn, and after some sessions of hypnotherapy and diet advice, he made a vast improvement in the followingweeks and months. He is now able to eat almost any food without ill effect, and is much healthier and does weight lifting and running regularly. We would like to thank Desi Flynn for all his help to our son, he is a much happier and healthier young man now.
Best wishes from two grateful parents.


I  suffered with severe stomach pains for a long time, my sleeping patterns were all over the place, sometimes I did not sleep for two or three days and I could not take my medication because it made me feel even more sick. I eventually had to give up school because I was missing too much time and as a result I did not do my leaving cert. I would not leave my house because of how I felt. Since I have done the hypnosis with Desi Flynn I have not had a recurrence of my IBS. I am living an active life now and I am getting out with my friends now which is something I was not doing before I met Desi.
I would like to thank him for what he has done for me. As an 18year old I thought there was nothing that could be done for me and I could not see anything positive for me in the future .
Thank you very much Desi


I was doing a college course and found it hard to study and got to feeling panicky at the thoughts of having to sit my exams. After two sessions with Desi Flynn I was able to study a lot easier and when I had to sit my exams I found I had no problems with feeling panicky or stressed.


Before meeting Desi Flynn in December I had a very big fear of speaking in public and in front of crowds. My confidence was very low and I was very shy and I did not want to leave the house. I had no friends because I thought I was not good enough for people. Since meeting Desi I now have the confidence to meet and talk with people and I have been speaking in public and giving presentations. I am very grateful for what I have accomplished since meeting him.
Thank you Desi. 


I was feeling really low and  anxious and stressed about things going on in my life and 
so I contacted Desi Flynn.  The minute I made the call I knew it was the right choice for me.  I tried other options but it just wasn’t   the road for me.  I was made to feel really welcome from the moment I arrived for my first appointment.  Desi didn’t just deal with the present he went back to the past to find the cause of the issue and dealt with it using hypno-analysis which I found amazing.   In conjunction with hypnosis he also used EFT (tapping) to help clear any blockages and after being shown how to tap for myself I now use EFT to help me on a daily basis.
I would highly recommend Desi Flynn
December 2013 


I attended Desi Flynn for past life regression.  I thought it was a wonderful experience. I am glad I used Desi Flynn, it was a comfortable, enjoyable and a highly recommendable experience.  I would recommend Desi to anyone.
December 2013


Sharyn Boudjema
I attended Desi after hearing about his great work from my sister.  I wanted to lose weight and get healthy. Ever the sceptic I made an appointment.  I can't believe the difference it has made to my life.  Not only did Desi help me with my weight management, he also helped me with my confidence and self esteem.  As a mature studentI was telling Desi that I found it hard to focus and study, he also fixed that problem for me.  I can now focus and concentrate and am finding my college course easier because of it.  He also used the tapping to help me quit smoking. I can now say I'm a non smoker. The man is a genius.   
February 2014


Even though I was hesitant about sending my son who just turned six to a hypnotherapist over a fear that it might do more harm than good and as well I was quiet sceptical about hypnotherapy. But Desi reassured me that it wouldn’t have any harmful effects and that it would work whether I believe it or not. My son had very bad behavioural problems in school and was very stubborn and wouldn’t do any work.  After a few sessions with Desi it all started to change, he is now getting rewards in school for best behaviour and making an effort to do the work without complaining.  I just wish I sent him to Desi sooner.  I'd highly recommend Desi to anyone.
April 2014                                           



I have had phobias and panic attacks for a very long time. I tried
numerous therapies and self-help treatments, all with varying degrees
of success, but nothing really worked permanently. After a few sessions with Desi ,everything changed for me. I am now
able to plan things without fear dominating every decision. I found Desi to be an excellent life coach and hypnotherapist, and he
has even taught me the emotional freedom technique that I can use on a daily basis and this really helps.
Thanks so much Desi. 


I was diagnosed with Sciatica from my doctor. I was put on strong pain killers. The pain was severe. I couldnt sit, lie or stand for long periods of time. I went to Oesteopath, Chiropractor and Physio's about this and didnt get much relief from them. Then a friend told me about Desi. So I decided to go to him. I never got hypnotised before and didnt know what to expect, but I was shocked at how relaxing it was and to have no pain while in  hypnosis. I woke up the next morning and I couldnt believe how I could walk without pain and I didnt need my walking stick. It was a brilliant feeling to be able to walk properly. I would strongly advise Desi to anyone who is in pain to go and see him. 


My name is Christine and I went to see Desi 6 weeks ago because i wanted help to lose weight ,But I got much more than that from my 4 visits .I did lose some weight but I also learned to do tapping which has helped me in so many ways. I used to get restless legs burning feet & knee pain but after going to Desi I have learned how to stop these problems. I would recommend Desi to anyone who has problems like mine or needs help with losing weight.                           


I was at rock bottom and had just attempted suicide, I was suffering from a general anxiety disorder and depression while also coping with Aspergers syndrome. Since my teenage yeas I tried everything to overcome these problems and nothing had worked for me. I was in my thirties and at an all time low that I wanted to end my life. One day I was passing Desi's office and I was overcome with a need to try hypnosis and and have never looked back since. I had a number of sessions of hypnosis and tapping with Desi. He went back to my childhood to find the root cause of my problems and dealt with them under hypnosis. To this day I do believe that without Desi's intervention I would no longer be part of this world.

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